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just bought tickets to tübingen to visit my erasmus friend.

it was a good day.

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Dear Agata,

it is so moving to read all your emails! I feel very honoured that you wrote me. And while reading, I suddenly realized how much I miss you. Do you think? We were spending so much time together, and we saw each other almost everyday and we were leaving 100 meters far from each other. And now? We are in opposite parts of Europe, and the only thing we can do is writing emails to each other. I can no more hug you, or invite you for a brunch. I know that seems childish but I just realized it when I was reading your text. I miss you Agata. 
Reading your words hurt me a lot as well. I cannot even imagine how Simon could treat you so badly. It means that he didn’t understand anything - he didn’t understand how sensitive you are, how deep you are. He didn’t understand that he is actually loosing a person that values a lot. I hope you are feeling OK in these days after what happened. I know it must not be easy but I hope you are using all your strengh to go on without him. Please, let me know how you are.
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just got it on my inbox. feeling so moved. and well….. crying.
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